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SA's largest hand selected riverstone supplier.

Our most popular seller the brown riverstone and white riverstone are priced from R30 to R45 per bag depending on the size. Our delivery fee ranges between R300 and R600 depending on the location and order quantity.

Our wholesale clients include Cape Garden Center, Super Plants, Atlantic Pebbles and Starke Ayres, but we do supply to the general public as well.

Our Product Range Includes:

  • Natural Smooth Riverstone Ranging From Pebbles to Boulders ( White and Brown or Mixed )
  • Different Sizes Gravel / Drainage Chips
  • Ground Cover ( Peach Pips, Bark Mulch and Woodchips )
  • Semi Precious Crushed Stone
  • A Unique Range of Colourful Tumbled Stone

We offer a competetive wholesale hardscaping product chain for large nurseries, landscapers and commercial builders

Feel free to contact us for bulk arrangements.

About Us

For all your riverstone needs in landscaping. We supply boulders, stones and pebbles in different sizes. All the aggregate are legally sourced. Our pebblepickers collect and sort the stone in different sizes.

Landscaping rocks bring character to your garden. Carefully chosen materials and artistic placements not only serve as a focal point but also give your outdoor space a unique feel. Explore the wide variety of landscaping rocks available to introduce different contours, heights and textures to your entryway or backyard.

Landscaping river stone rocks have a very versatile usage. You can use them to fill flower beds, fashion a rock garden, enhance drainage around pools and patios, support heavy plants, accent water features, to aid weed control or to create a cobbled pathway.

We supply stone and boulders to residential homes, retirement complexes, school grounds, municipal areas, recreational areas, commercial & retail complexes, developers show houses, etc.

Our Product Range

Riverstone & Pebbles

We supply river stone, pebbles, rocks and boulders to nurseries, garden centers, landscapers and construction companies in and around Cape Town, including, Southern Suburbs, Northern Suburbs, West Coast, Helderberg and the Winelands.

We also sell to the general public at very competitive pricing.

  • Brown Riverstone
  • White Riverstone
  • Mixed Riverstone

All packaged in strong (170 micron) UV treated clear plastic bags.

Other products we supply

  • Drainage Gravel/Drainage Chips, Crushed Stone
  • Gabion Stones & Dump Rocks
  • Ground Cover; Quality landscaping bark, peach pips and mulch
  • Sandstone & River Boulders

West coast marine pebbles: (View Images)

These lovely but scarce natural atlantic pebbles are now available in 20kg bags from us.

We have three sizes of the marine garden pebbles available:

  • 18-20mm size pebbles
  • 30-40mm size pebbles
  • 50 -60 mm size pebbles

Our pricing is R90 per bag for the marine pebbles. Delivery is not included in the price per bag, our delivery fee ranges between R300 and R600 depending on the location and order quantity.

Tumbled Stones

We also have a very unique selection of tumbled stones available for purchase. Our unique stones are priced at R90 per +-20kg bag. This price does not include delivery. Our delivery cost rates ranges between R300 and R600 depending on the location and order quantity.

These stones are on average the size of a golf ball and you will need three to four bags to cover a square meter.

Semi Precious Crushed Stone

We stock a colorful selection of premium crushed stones which can be used in a myriad of decorative landscaping scenarios.

These semi precious crushed stones are priced at R90 per bag. Delivery is not included in the price per bag, our delivery fee ranges between R300 and R600 depending on the location and order quantity.

Multi Mix Stone

These stones have a very earthy undertone with a soft appearance and smooth edges ideal to be used in a decotrative oriented application, especially as part of a water features install. These premium mixed stones are also very therapeutic to walk on as well as to watch running water fall onto it.

These mix stones are priced very competitively at R90 per bag. Delivery is not included in the price per bag, our delivery fee ranges between R300 and R600 depending on the location and order quantity.

Good Quality Compost and Soil Mix

We also sell organic compost, lawn dressing, potting soil and top soil.

This is pure compost with no added soil, the compost we sell in Cape Town and surrounding areas are ideal for your whole garden and your vegetable patches.

The lawn dressing is also finely sifted organic compost with no soil added.

The potting soil that we sell is a mix of good quality organic compost and river sand.

We sell the compost at R35 per 30dm bag, the price per bag does not include delivery and there is a minimum order quantity of 20 bags, our delivery fee ranges between R300 and R600 depending on the location and order quantity. You can contact us if you want to buy smaller quantities of the garden compost or soil mix - often time it would be possible for us to combine this delivery with one of our other river stone or garden pebble deliveries in your area although the transport cost will still range between R300 and R600 depending on the location.

We also do large bulk compost and soil mix orders and then we qoute per cube. The price per cube for compost will depend on your quantity and the delivery address.

We found that with our compost you can cover up to 2 sqm with a 30 dm bag and 20 to 30 sqm with a cube.


Small/golfball (25-75mm), medium/cricketball (75-100mm) and large/ostrich egg (100-150mm) stone are packed in strong (170 micron) UV treated clear plastic bags.

The bags are 15dm and weigh about 20kg each. Four small bags roughly cover a square meter. Six medium bags roughly cover a square meter. Nine large bags roughly cover a square meter.

Larger stones in landscaping do leave gaps. Thus, more bags are necessary when using larger stones. These stones create a different effect than smaller stones - causing height. More stones are necessary to fill these gaps and create the desired effect. A more natural look can be created by combining a variety of sized stones. (Your mileage may vary.)

We supply a caramel brown and white greyish riverstone. A mixed variety is also available. The stones are sold per bag.

Larger boulders are sold loose and per kg.

We also sell stone per cube and depending on the size of the stone a cube is roughly 1.5 ton or 70 bags.

We deliver all areas in the Western Cape but transport for large orders can be arranged nationwide, we are situated in Rawsonville.

Talk to our experienced and friendly staff about your project. They have first-hand knowledge about landscape installation, renovation and size requirements. We have helped many homeowners, individual landscapers and landscape designers achieve spectacular results with our landscaping river stone and rocks.

Cape River Stone is your gateway to the world of natural stone in architecture and the landscape. Whether you are a homeowner, landscaper, mason, builder or architect, we're here to supply you with the material (River Stone, Pebbles, gravel etc.) and inspiration to make your stone project a reality.

Our Pricing

White Riverstone bags:

  • Small white riverstone is R45 per bag.
  • Medium white riverstone is R35 per bag.
  • Large white riverstone is R30 per bag.

Brown Riverstone bags:

  • Small brown riverstone is R40 per bag.
  • Medium brown riverstone is R35 per bag.
  • Large brown riverstone is R30 per bag.

Riverstone boulders (netball to watermelon):

  • Our riverstone boulders are priced R1250 per ton.
    (You can cover five to seven square meter with a ton.)
  • Our riverstone boulders are hand selected and exceptional quality.

Peach Pips

We supply peach pips in bulk as well as per bag. All orders are handled on a per request basis and pricing will depend on the quantity, format and delivery address.

You can cover 25 to 30 square meters with a cube of peach pips.

Gravel/Drainage Chips

We supply light brown/grey worcester stone and a grey-ish white variety as well. We have a myriad of sizes ranging from 7.2mm to 28mm. Please contact us to get exact pricing as it will all depend on the quantity and location.

You can cover 20 square meters with a cube.

All the prices EXCLUDE delivery, our delivery cost ranges between R300 and R600 depending on the location and order quantity. Please note there is a minimum order quantity of 30 bags or 2 tons of boulder stones.

When requesting a quote we would need the following information:

  • The type of product: Size and color ie golfball size caramel brown riverstone
  • Area to be covered in square meters (length x width) ie 8x4 meters 24 sqm
  • Delivery address

Please take note that we only offload where the vehicle can safely manuevre.

When in bulk it will be offloaded with spades which reduces the dust effect and if in bags labour will be provided to offload, but no more than 5 meters from the vehicle.

Orders under R6000 must be settled in advance. For larger orders a deposit will be applicable.

Please Call Us or send us an E-mail for more information and very affordable pricing.

Regards The Riverstone team

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Rocks and stones have a variety of uses ensuring their place in your garden. Use them as the wall of your koi pond, to separate your roses from your dahlias, as a pathway or to cover an eyesore where nothing is growing.

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