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New Product: Paving Stones & Slabs - Affordable concrete paving slabs in Cape Town

Stone paving is a natural choice for any garden or outdoor room. We pride ourselves on excellent service where you can enjoy competitive wholesale prices, enabling you to transform your beloved garden, driveway or patio into a wonderfully attractive and eye-catching area with minimal cost.

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Affordable concrete paving slabs in the western cape

Riverstone & Pebbles

We supply a wide variety of Riverstone in many different colors. Buy Riverstone for your garden today with our neatly packaged bags, we deliver to most areas in and around Cape Town price subject to transport costs.

  • Brown Riverstone
  • White Riverstone
  • Mixed Riverstone
  • River boulders next to the road
    20Kg bags of river stone, Cape Garden Center supplies
    Riverstone boulders in Cape Town
    House built with Riverstone

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    Weast Coast Marine Pebbles

    We have three sizes of the marine garden pebbles available:

  • 18-20mm size pebbles
  • 30-40mm size pebbles
  • 50 -60 mm size pebbles
  • We sell Atlantic Pebbles for the garden
    West coast marine pebbles for sale, Cape Garden Center supplies
    Garden pebbles in Cape Town
    marine pebbles for landscapers

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    Sandstone & River Boulders

    For years people have been using boulders to accent their landscaping. Boulders can be grouped amongst plantings or used to divide areas in a garden. Recently people started using them as a fire pits, seating, a fountain, and even planters. Our Boulders are priced by the ton, but can be purchased in smaller quantities.

  • White River Boulders
  • Brown River Boulders
  • Natural Mixed River Boulders
  • Large boulder stone loaded into transporter
    Brown river boulder with sunglasses for size comparison
    Large brown river boulders for sale in Cape Town

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    Drainage Gravel/Drainage Chips, Crushed Stone

    Our crushed stones are used at the bottom of pots to assist in drainage; it is also used for decorative purposes, on pathways and on the surface of the soil in pots.

  • Light Brown 9.5mm 13mm 19mm 25mm
  • Light Grey
  • White Limestone Crust
  • 9.5mm 13mm 19mm 25mm crushed stone
    Gravel and crushed riverstone
    Crushed stone supplier, packed in 20Kg bags

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    Gabion Stones & Dump Rocks

    Do you know what a gabion is? Some people will tell you they are great erosion-busters but they can also be a gorgeous addition to your garden.

  • 100mm - 250mm Grey Gabion stones
  • 100mm - 250mm Dump Rocks
  • Dump rock supplies available in Cape Town
    Gabion stone wall
    Dump rocks and Gabion stones

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    Ground Cover

    We offer a comprehensive range of quality landscaping bark, Peach pips and mulch products. Our Landscaping bark and Peach pip range is used by landscapers and local authority contractors throughout the country as well as gardeners.

  • Peach Pips
  • Bark Mulch
  • Bark Nuggets
  • Mulch and Bark ground cover for sale
    Peach pips suplies in Cape Town
    Dark bark ground cover
    Bulk peach pips in Cape Town

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    Paving Slabs, Concrete Blocks, Stepping stones, Cobbles, Bricks and more.

    We provide a wide range of natural stone and paving stone products including: Paving slab, Concrete Blocks, Stepping stones, Cobble stones, Bricks. Our paving slabs comes in size ranging from 100 x 100 to 600 x 600.

  • Paving Stones
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Cobble Stones
  • Bricks
  • Stepping Stones
  • Brick Paving supplies in Cape Town
    Cobble Stone supplier in Cape Town
    Paving slabs in Cape Town
    Wholesale Cobble stone blocks in Cape Town

    Paving Products

    Bulk Distribution

    Buy any grade of our Drainage Gravel/Drainage Chips, Crushed Stone, Gabion Stones, Dump Rocks or Ground Cover in huge bulk loads, we offer bulk loads from 10m3 to huge 100m3 loads.

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