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We supply affordable concrete paving slabs and cobble stones in Cape Town

When it comes to laying a patio or paved area in the garden, you might have in mind a regular grid of square or rectangular slabs, all the same size and colour.

However a paved space is much more than a functional choice. By playing with different textures, colours and laying patterns you can create interest and atmosphere. Add colourful gravels, planting and subtle lighting to create a space that feels alive and blends the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. It’s surprisingly easy to devise a practical space that’s in-keeping with your home and garden but also makes a beautiful statement.

All shapes and sizes

When we first think of paving, our minds often jump to traditional square and rectangular slabs. But did you know that you can choose from paving slabs in dozens of different shapes and sizes?

Try new textures

Gone are the days when most paving slabs looked fairly similar, aside from the colour. Today’s slabs come in a huge range of textures that can make a striking impact on your outdoor space.

Experiment with patterns

How your finished patio looks will depend upon the paving slabs you choose, but also the pattern you lay them in. The laying pattern can make a huge difference, and can take a paved area from everyday to outstanding with just a little clever cutting.

Try laying square, rectangular and plank-shaped slabs in staggered brick patterns (also known as stretcher bond patterns) as an alternative to a traditional grid. Plank-shaped slabs can also be laid in stylish herringbone patterns that reflect interior design trends.

Classic cobbles

If you are creating a traditional garden, a cobbled surface can be a beautiful way to complement colourful plantings and rustic textures. Carpet stones are an easy way to lay an authentic-looking surface, as you can lay dozens of stones in one easy sheet – just like a paving slab. Add a grout in a neutral colour to give the illusion of cobbles laid one-by-one.

Use gravel, pebbles and small stones

Also known as decorative aggregates, these add texture, colour and interest to paving designs. Used as a border, in place of grout lines or in spaces deliberately left between paving slabs they can soften edges or make a bold statement. We stock a wide selection of natural riverstone and pebbels that you can use with you paving.

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